La Corte loves meeting the local businesses

2017 is a very exciting and particularly important year for La Corte. There is so much to report and there are so many occasions to celebrate together.

Being part of an exceptional B2B event on May 26th, we had the opportunity to say “Thank You”: Thanks to all our local partners, to the cooperating companies and to the businesspeople in the region. And as well many thanks to the B&B’s and our suppliers.

In great weather during a warm welcome with delicious wine, the guests had the opportunity to meet with our new manager Alexa. She introduced them to our future business propositions: We will host a business lunch, offer different meeting facilities as well as accommodation for visitors of local businesses and we will provide great deals for local B&B vacationers.

Last but not least the guests had the chance to enjoy some of our extraordinary finger food creations. We are so happy about the great feedback to our new wine list and Alexa’s signature dish: The “Vitello Tonnato Senza Tonnato con Salsa Verde”. The guests just loved the vibrant colours and the manifold fresh and fragrant herbs. This response shows us: We are on the right path, having built strong relations in the region during the past years. We simply love what we do.

Again, many thanks to all who have spent this special day with us. And to all of those who could not make it: Be sure, this was not the last occasion to celebrate together.

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