Weekend in March

Weekend Special |March Restaurant theme events go on, with tasty menus on Saturdays and the special “ribs night” on Friday. Our menu à la carte is always available, with local proposals and some dishes out of tradition. For our hotel guests, two special formulas to take advantage of the beautiful days that March is giving us […]

Ribs night

Ribs night | 1 Kg succulent ribs, every Friday 22.03 – 29.03 – 05.04 – 12.04 – 26.04 – 03.05 – 10.05 – 17.05 – 24.05 – 31.05 –  07.06 – 14.06 – 21.06 – 28.06 – 05.07 – 12.07 – 19.07 – 26.07 1kg succulent ribs Baked potato Coleslaw 1 large beer >> 19 Euro per person […]

Easter in Piedmont

The perfect way to make this Easter Weekend one to remember, is our La Corte Easter Special. We have designed a very exclusive and special package for you and your family to take the chance to get away over the weekend and spend relaxing days in the beautiful hills between Langhe and Monferrato. Springtime in […]

Afro-Asian dinner

Afro-Asian dinner | An evening between the Middle East and the Maghreb Today we take you along the coasts of Morocco and the Middle East. Taste the lively and exciting dishes of African and Asian cuisine, rich in spices and herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom and saffron 06.04 🍴 ENTREE 🍴 Beetroot salad with oranges 🍴 STARTER 🍴 […]

Dinner with the wine maker

Dinner with the wine maker | La Trava Special events at the La Corte restaurant go on, and on April 13th it’s time for the dinner with the wine maker. La Trava Farm presents its wines, combined with a traditional menu with typical dishes and products of the territory. 13.04 Courgette croutons and toma flavored with […]

Fish Menu on Good Friday

Good Friday | Fish menu On Good Friday, at La Corte we will offer a fish dinner as tradition dictates. A delicate and fragrant menu, with fresh flavors that welcome spring! 19.04 🐟🐟🐟 Gravlax with Gin Confit of cherry tomatoes with fish saltimbocca Prawns in parsley crust with lemon mayonnaise Risotto with asparagus with salmon and lemon Baked gilthead […]

Wines from the world

Wines from the world | International wine experience A round of glasses around the world. Discover new matches and wines that you’ve not tasted yet, coming from both historical and new wine-growing areas outside the national borders. For true wine lovers, do not miss it! 20.04  Aubergine and speck crouton Ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice) Risotto with […]

First Polentone

Polentone! | First edition at La Corte Festival of polenta, in all sauces! At dinner, many ways to taste creamy polenta. “Polentoni” in Alta Langa are traditional festivals announcing the arrival of spring… La Corte wants to welcome springtime as well! 30.03 >> 20 Euros per person including water, espresso and wine or beer (1 glass) Join us, […]

Happy Father’s day

Hurray for dad! | Happy Father’s day Let’s celebrate father’s day together. Special menu for adults and children, with entertainment for children and a fantastic surprise for all fathers 23.03 💙 Fried egg with a cream of peas and truffle oil 💙 Tagliatelle with white ragout 💙 Pork ribs 💙 Coffee flavored panna cotta >> 32 Euros per person including water, espresso and wine (red or […]

A sweet surprise

Can’t say no to dessert? Join us on Friday! Our à la carte menu is waiting for you with seasonal proposals of the territory, and… by ordering two desserts, you pay only one… An excellent opportunity to be greedy   Read the menu Join us, we are halfway between Canelli and Nizza Monferrato Call us or Let us […]