Restaurant gluten-free celiac AIC – Italian Celiac Association
Also available menus for various intolerances

Ristorante per celiaci-min

The hotel and the restaurant La Corte are AIC certified, Italian Celiac Association. The preparation in the kitchen, the proposals without gluten menu of the restaurant and the breakfast buffet follow careful procedures to allow those who do not include gluten in his diet to lunch, dine and stay at the La Corte savoring the delicacies of the area safely. The Court is therefore in effect a restaurant for celiacs since 2014. They are always available rice cakes, pasta, rice, flour dumplings homemade gluten, in addition to other proposals suitable for both gluten intolerant and those who do not follow special diets. All staff are trained and informed to also perform the service without risk of contamination.
For our guests with various allergies or intolerances, our chefs are always available to agree together a menu that best meets the needs of special diets, if the a la carte menu there were no suitable proposals.
Fresh vegetables are always available, as well as some meat alternatives for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

We always ask our guests to inform in advance, when possible, of any allergies, intolerances, special diets, to ensure the best possible service and the availability of food and products to their liking.