Team Rosa – The La Corte family is growing

We are pleased to announce that the La Corte family keeps on growing.

Since February this year, Alexa Schulte joined the La Corte Management team. Together with Daniela Magenta, their mission is to take La Corte to new heights and to provide unique benefits to our guests.

Originally from Germany, Alexa has seen many countries on each continent. Through her travels she got to know many different cultures as well as many different culinary specialities. By exploring colourful markets, cooking with chefs from all over the world and being taught the well-kept culinary secrets by locals, Alexa could experience an incredible variety of food, spices and ingredients.

Alexa team RosaSpeaking of new innovations, Alexa’s love for food inspired her to come up with a special new dish, exclusively for La Corte: A combination of flavours of her home country Germany and her adopted country Italy, or more precisely of the regions Hessen and Piedmont. Piedmont’s best-known dish is Vitello tonnato, cooked veal meat with a tuna mayonnaise on top – delicious. Hessen on the other hand has a traditional dish which is called ‘Green sauce’. It is made from a big bunch of different fresh fragrant herbs and a light mayonnaise with boiled eggs. So, the idea of Vitello tonnato senza tonnato con salsa verde was born. Wonderful colours and very very tasty – Only one of our new signature dishes among many other new delights.

_BR_5163_web_BR_5126_web_BR_5157_webOf course, to be mentioned as well: our new wine list. Hand selected, outstanding wines for La Corte, never imported to the Piedmont region before. As a matter, of course we are offering the great local wines from the Piedmont region among many other Italian wines, but also wines from all over the world. As the quality of the wine is only the starting point, all wines were personally selected directly from each winery which allows us to also get to know the people behind the wine.

Please join us in welcoming Alexa to the family.

Location: La Corte - Calamandrana